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Inner Child

NunoNevesStore – Urban Art Framed Poster 16 

This drawing was made with total freedom. Shapes appeared without any planning nor considerations on concepts, meaning or symbolism. I felt like when I was a child and did not restrain myself. Recalling such an emotion was a turning point to me.

I stopped drawing regularly a long time ago and now I’m trying to fix that. Back then I turned my attention into writing and published a novel. Each chapter had music and illustrations but the publisher was interested in the text only. Both music and illustrations came up after I wrote the novel. Somehow I still felt the need to express the narrative with visuals and sound.

As a teenager I invested my time in trying to draw comics and now I got back to that stage. In the meantime, this Inner Child drawing came up opening the door for visual exploration independently of any sort of narrative or intention. I’m counting on such moments to enrich my graphic novel projects.

Por Nuno Neves

Author of the graphic novel CHRONOS and the cartoon FLOWERS.

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