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The Thrill of Drawing

My drawings are rather clumsy and awry but it is a thrill making them. Once surpassed the intimidation of the blank page, shapes start emerging from the fog of our inner eye. The process is similar to music improvisation and composition, and to writing. It is all about the emergence of shapes and gradual definition. Some artists are capable of designing to the most intricate detail, maintaining vividly expression. Others, like me, are not that resilient and keep things to a synthesis. I envy the talent and craftsmanship of the masters of proportion, detail and realism. They are like virtuous musicians, out of reach no matter how hard we practice.

I like drawing characters and find amusing the process of defining their physical traits, postures and gestures as expressions of their frame of mind. Clothing is a hard challenge to me, due to the necessary focus on detail. My mind is blurry and I should practice sight drawing more. The same can be said about settings. I am stubborn and instead of creating a visual archive I try to make a mental synthesis of what I observe around me, with the result sometimes being utterly poor.

Nevertheless, it is a thrill, especially when one feels the improvement of the craft.

Por Nuno Neves

Autor, revisor de texto, ilustrador e compositor.

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