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I’ve drawn a poster on both male chauvinism and racism and put it on my Etsy shop for selling. I used the same design for tank tops, mugs, even swimsuits and so on. Am I exploring a cause for commercial purposes? Am I making a legit campaign?

I believe in the second hypothesis and hope not to be an opportunist taking abuse of people’s misfortunes and disgraces. Some objects for printing my designs appeal to me as platforms for the expression of my ideas and convictions. Probably I’m not campaigning at all. I might only be making use of my right to free speech. Male chauvinism and racism are absolutely not welcome to me and, to my eyes, the daily violence upon most black women is horrendous. I can’t imagine the summoned strength and effort to cope with it. Therefore I felt compelled to express my indignation.

When fear of being taken as an opportunist appalls me I must remind myself that no one is forced to buy these products. People can choose and are free to make their judgement.


Por Nuno Neves

Autor, revisor de texto, ilustrador e compositor.

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