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I Love This!

Writing, drawing and coloring a story! Conceiving a visual world and describe people’s lives in it! Witness the joy of readers!

Darn! Will I achieve that?

I’m coloring the first page. The pace has been excruciating slow but I intend to change that. I decided to buy a domain and monetize this blog. (My apologies for the eventual proliferation of adds!) That way I might stop seeing my creative work as something that steals the time to make a living, as something irresponsible. Making graphic novels will become my work (I wish!).

Making money online is a completely new activity to me. I started with the Etsy shop few months ago and the result was investing all my time in creating new products, about eleven hundred by now, the graphic novel successively postponed. I must learn monetization. It seems to be the only way for drawing in peace.

Telling stories with drawings and colors! I love this!

Por Nuno Neves

Autor, revisor de texto, ilustrador e compositor.

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