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As in every other activity, each illustrator has his own ways of making things. I often regret of my lack of proficiency outside the style I feel comfortable with. One thing I really lack doing on a regular basis is to draw on sight, specially to gain awareness of detail. Probably it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest a few daily minutes on the taking of visual notes. I could even make the commitment to publish them in the blog, to give me discipline, as it’s happening with the videos.

It really is frustrating when you realize the lack of singleness and stereotyped shapes of objects drawn without a visual reference. I should probably make use of documentation, which one can get in a second on this era of the Internet. My habits and mind frame must change. How I admire the talented illustrators! They don’t waste time on rumbling thoughts like these and just do what it takes: practice, practice, practice!

If only I had the warmth of a star inside my chest, to keep me calm and secure…


Por Nuno Neves

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