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Today I sent emails to a few brands of art materials proposing to write articles about their products in this blog. Will they answer me? Will they answer yes? I believe my blog is interesting to both artists and art lovers, who would benefit from this sort of explanatory publicity. As for myself, I find appealing to use my writing capacities for monetization. From an academic point of you, writing is the area I have more habilitations for.

The fast increase of readers and followers of NunoNevesStore is to me a source of enormous joy and motivation. Having the support of brands to keep the blog going would be a dream come true. I would have much more time to focus on my graphic novel and consequently more content to share here. A growing spiral might be formed, with the increase of followers attracting more sponsors and commissions.

Am I building castles in the air? Who doesn’t, from the beginning of any project? Dreaming is part of the fun.

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