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From Civil Servant To Small Businessman

Am I capable of making the jump? Do I have what it takes to measure the risks and prepare myself for the great change? Is this a leap of faith, an entrapment or the only exit for a cornered individual? I must have a clear view of my actual condition.

One thing is certain. I can’t stay. I burned out. This means I really am cornered. It is not a matter of choice. It is really happening. I am leaving.

Now I dread of what will happen next. I start questioning whether my approach is the right one. What I am doing is investing in as much fronts as possible, hopping to get some bits here and there. My Etsy shop, this blog, both online and in person drawing lessons, services as a freelance writer and illustrator. I am also applying for jobs while developing these businesses on the side.

Growth takes time and the present situation is one where businesses are dying instead of getting born. People are dying. I can not expect for gracious times soon. Debt and poverty is next. Must be ready for that.

One day at a time. Never mind the horizon. Just get things done here and now.


Por Nuno Neves

Autor, revisor de texto, ilustrador e compositor.

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