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The Prison Of Making Money

In order to get traffic to my Etsy shop and to this blog I watch videos and read articles from dozens of alleged gurus of the Internet. One thing all of them say is that one has to provide solutions for the needs of potential buyers or readers instead of exhibiting whatever one wishes to. From a commercial point of view, that’s absolutely right. A seller provides services and products to satisfy a clientele. “How to” posts and custom made items are the answer for consumer needs. What a bore!

Business, market and alike. Survival of the fittest. Popularity is the barometer, quality defined by the number of fans. If the purpose is the making of money, one becomes the manufacturer of commodities, not a curator of the exhibition of the human soul. It makes perfect sense. It sucks!

I suck! I am not cut for selling. I am an egocentric narcissist claiming to have artistic ambitions. I’m a believer of the universality of the human soul, with distinctive grades specific to each individual, sharing his own as a sample. This belief goes to the point of expecting recognition for my service to humankind. I show you my soul, you give me your money. Perfect megalomania.

I wish I knew the art of making money. Will I ever become an adult?


Por Nuno Neves

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