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Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire

As the days pass by the more I feel the boiling oil and the flames I’ll jump into. I am doing my best to remain cool at hellish temperatures. I try to remember myself how lucky I have been and the astonishing number of people who are living the hell I am plunging into, in a much more painful way that I will ever live. I have no responsibilities, no one to take care for.

I have never been unemployed nor had a minimum wage job. I also never have been a freelancer nor a shop owner before, not to mention blogging for pennies. I would really like to be the boss of myself, in a way that income would only depend of my hard work. If only I knew what to provide to people! Though my work is appreciated, it is not vital. What I’ve been doing so far has not being needed.

Perhaps, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, the need for a commodity is only a matter of branding. Something might be wrong on my approach, maybe I’m being to hasty on my expectations, who knows? I only hope to endure the flames.


Por Nuno Neves

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