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No More Ads

I started this blog to earn money. I tried exclusive content, affiliation and ads. These are things only possible with something I’ll never have. An audience of thousands.

Therefore, the financial purpose left for this blog is to captivate possible customers for my Etsy shop. I will keep the possibility for Patreon style donations whilst producing witty entertainment, either through writing, drawings or videos. Lets see if the thing works.

Though this is not my debut in the blogosphere, the dynamics of it has always been mysterious to me. This mystery also applies to social networks. I am not a social person. The concept of building a community to contemplate what comes out from my navel is out of my grasp. Don’t get me wrong. I like attention, specially towards my work. What gives me the chills is to ask for it and, even worse, to create a cult of personality around me. It is wonderful to have admirers and fans, but creating an industrialized legion to follow me and proselytize my person is plainly sick. As far as I can see, online businesses are all based on that. A vanity fair on global scale.

Someday I’ll find balance.


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