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The speed on the making of the Covid 19 vaccines is an extraordinary achievement, both scientifically and bureaucratically. Testing and validation were outstandingly quick and allegedly without short cuts. This event gives origin to two fundamental questions. Why did other drugs and medicines take so long to be prepared and approved? Will things get faster from now on?

It is common knowledge that pharmaceuticals are greedy and some are suspected of using African populations as guinea pigs for dangerous experiments. They also have armies of lobbyists to persuade or corrupt doctors for prescribing their drugs instead of generic brands. The humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontiéres is currently requesting the pharmaceuticals to make public all the knowledge for the making of the vaccines. There are no news of any government supporting this demands.

One last question. All the available vaccines are said to be close to 95 percent efficient, in spite of the distinct logistics for production and conservation. Why not taking the easiest and cheapest vaccine’s knowledge and make it public for global mass production?

Por Nuno Neves

Author of the graphic novel CHRONOS and the cartoon FLOWERS.

To commission illustrations write an email to

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