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The Toxicity Of The Search For Success

I’ve been killing my imagination for quite a long time. My concern on money and approval is the poison I use. It is quite effective. Money takes your brain to invest energies on tasks that have nothing to do with your creative work, such as keeping or looking for a job. Approval forces you to tailor your work to an audience.

This blog, the Etsy shop, my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles exist for the money. Boredom and my own rejection of the work in progress happens when I fear the judgement of my two imaginary audiences. These are the commercial audience and the artistic audience.

The only way to fresh air is having no concerns at all. Pleasure must be the only guide. I should not allow the need for money and the longing for attention to jeopardize it, has I’ve been doing all my life. In order to get my heartful work done and feed the souls of others I must be smarter than that.

Por Nuno Neves

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