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It took me decades to admit reality. Disgustful or not, business is constant in all human relations, not to say among all living beings. Everyone wants to survive and prosper, or to make sure their own kind will flourish. We make business in society, work, friendship, family, parenthood, brotherhood, intimacy and sex. We exchange money, favors, services, attention and caresses. We pursue zillions of strategies to feed our voracious self esteem. We install debt, guilt and pay time. Everyone wants to win, some negotiate towards win-win situations, no one wants to lose.

Denying business is denying reality. I was on denial until very recently. Whether materially or emotionally, we are all making business to win. There is no such thing as pure altruism. We make sacrifices to look good in the eyes of someone and win their love.

Getting rid of prejudice against business is vital. Once admitting it is business we are talking about, all cards will be revealed on the table. No sideways nor innuendos, no resentments nor untold agendas.

This takes us to the great question. What is our agenda? What do we really want? Are we verbalizing it? Most times we find ourselves negotiating for things we never wanted in the first place. We say we want them to avoid being ostracized.

Let me tell you one thing I want.

I want to make graphic novels without wasting time in something else to have shelter and food on the table. That will never happen, but I’ll try activities as close as possible to that purpose. Hence, this site. This is business of expectations. I have AdSense and Amazon ads working. All I need is traffic. Plenty of it. Thousands of views per day. Keep on dreaming. Meanwhile I’m having commissions for illustrations and I’m loving that. Making business brings new opportunities.

What do you want and which expectations are you making business with?

Feel free to comment. I would love that. I might learn something.

Thursday., 2nd September 2021

Por Nuno Neves

Autor, revisor de texto, ilustrador e compositor.

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