Coaching for Reality | Treino para a Realidade

Coaching for reality #7: HOW TO GET SUPPORT FROM EVERYONE

Don’t be consistent but do look consistent. Build your consistency on your appearance, adding some eccentric traits to justify what might look consistent. You are a unique person who embraces the causes of everyone. Support both genocide and human rights on the grounds of self-defense and the need for exceptions on certain circumstances. Show strong conviction when making decisions and excuse your failures and selfish interests with shades of gray. Turn facts into a matter of perspective. When a vase falls to the ground, the ground can rise to the vase. Take your virtuosity on perspective to the point of making your victims feel grateful for the pain, suffering and death you inflict upon them. Exhale serenity, kindness and assertiveness, profound understanding and empathy, and the humble joy of the coolest wise. Become a brand like Coca-Cola. No matter the dark stories about you some martyrs will scavenge, you will always be favorite.


Por Nuno Neves

Autor, revisor de texto, ilustrador e compositor.

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