Coaching for Reality | Treino para a Realidade

Coaching for reality #7: HOW TO SELL YOUR SOUL WITH PRIDE

Sell your soul expensively. Money is the source of respectability. Honor and dignity are matters of perspective and money can buy the best angle for you. When someone wants to buy your soul, to corrupt you, this means you are a valuable commodity, you are a top priority necessity. Embrace the opportunity. Be proud of becoming a cunt and use your money to buy respect, admiration and very useful friends. Turn your soul’s rectum into a motorway tunnel for money, opportunity, the transaction of dignity and the foundations to the castle that will make you respectable. From the highest tower you will built fast (much faster than you ever imagined), announce how ethics defined your route to success. Present yourself as the most pure and virginal rectum that ever lived. This way you will get admiration and love from millions and substantially reduce the upcoming of new rivals, since there’s still a chance of them believing you. As for serious competition, you only need to manage your money wisely in order to beat them. Be smarter and unmerciful, while remaining kind and the model for virtue. You are now the cunt with the sweetest eyes ever and the most beautiful aura of grace and sanctity of all creation.

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