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The technician said it’s the motherboard. I’ll be out of my computer for two weeks. I’m using my cellphone to write this. Very important decisions about my career are to be taken this week, including formalities to be taken through the Internet, and all of a sudden my machine has a stroke.

There are solutions to get things done, but my anxiety got crazy again. I have this cellphone and I can try going to a public library or ask help from friends in case of emergency. The thing is the chronic panic I’m living in while doing my best to be rational and pragmatic during this tiny crisis.

One of my worries is to keep the posting pace of this blog. I want to increase my audience to the point of making real money through Adsense. I’ll probably never achieve such a goal, but it’s too soon to give up. I want this site to become a reliable brand of quality entertainment.

The other concern is the management of commissions. It’s time to become a cellphone virtuoso. That won’t be too hard, I hope. As for scanning illustrations, I can do it in a store nearby.

Everything will be fine. I only wish this damn anxiety to cease.


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