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This should be the main purpose of this blog: sharing the development of CHRONOS. My concern with posting daily makes me digress. Maybe sticking to the basics might assure such rhythm. One post with the pencil sketch, the next with the outline and the last with the panel done.

Will this become too repetitive and a huge bore? Well, I might have to do some writing on each post to spice things up. Let’s try that.

This panel, again, has two images, and it’s the first with dialogue. Most of you have no idea of what’s being said, but you’ll get it soon enough when I publish the English version on the CHRONOS page in this site. You can always go there through the link in the MENU.

A succession of smaller panels accelerates the pace of the narrative and the reading. I think this bit should move faster than the previous moments of narration.

As you might have noticed, I am not a virtuoso when drawing. The hat gave me some pain, but I think it’s acceptable now. I must practice!

Por Nuno Neves

Autor, revisor de texto, ilustrador e compositor.

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