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The Digital Beggar

Monetize, monetize, monetize! That is all I can think about on this urge for life changing. The right column of this blog has an ever-growing list of my favorites from Amazon, there are widgets for WordAds and the plug-in for AdSense. I sell PDF files and subscriptions for exclusive videos. I propose donations to the blog. I also have the Etsy shop and music pages on Spotify and YouTube in the hope of getting my cut from viewings and ads.

The fantasy of making a living from drawings, sounds and stories is launching me on the quest for begging tools and strategies. Experts on these things present the schematics of the funneling tunnel and give advices on calling to action and finding out niches. Buttering up customers is said to be key in order to keep them coming on a regular bases. It seems being kind and polite is not enough. One must even meddle in social gatherings and networks, always recalling most high-stake businesses take place at the lunch table.

This universe is overwhelming to me. The requirement to beg and buttering is completely obnoxious to a person craving for freedom. I keep doing my best to accept trading games lightly, in spite of the chilling disgust that haunts me.

Por Nuno Neves

Autor, revisor de texto, ilustrador e compositor.

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