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Drawing shapes by themselves, without deliberate connection to objects nor concepts is new territory to me. The drawing above can resemble several things or absolutely nothing. It was made to be used as a pattern for the objects I sell on Etsy. After scanning it I had some difficulties naming the file. A number was not enough because I wanted some reference to the image for an easy search, so I ended up calling it by the colors. I present to you Red And Orange. In case other drawings using the same colors will follow they are to receive the same name plus a number.

Once I went to a jazz trio concert and the pianist spoke to the microphone several times to tell us the names of the pieces. After the reaction of awkwardness from the public he explained he hated naming his music and for the ones of that album, after they were all complete, he picked up Latin names from a book about fish. To him, music was about listening, without the restrictions of ideas and concepts. Other famous musician used to say that if it was up to him he would only call his pieces Movements, adding a number to order them. The names on his albums were the result of pressure from the record companies to get more sales. If we recall classical music we will notice that most pieces have only the name of their structural shape and a number. Concertos, symphonies, nocturnes, sonatas, fugues and so on.

As someone who illustrates, this fruition of shape departed from meaning was hard to grasp. The shapes I had drawn were always supposed to represent something. I forced myself for that to happen. Shape on its own was underestimated as a mere satisfaction to the senses, without intellectual or noble value. I was far from understanding how portions of reality can only be perceived without the interfering of concepts. There is a vast spectrum of existence to which concepts and words can not be applied.

In short, sometimes we only have to be.

Por Nuno Neves

Autor, revisor de texto, ilustrador e compositor.

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